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New Law Modifies BAC Limit for Rideshare Drivers

Oct 29, 2018 in DUI, New Laws

Your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is a measure of alcohol in your bloodstream. It’s used as an indicator of your level of intoxication. California’s BAC for drivers 21 years of age and over is .08 percent. Until recently, that number remained the same for drivers…

Why Is the Right Attorney Important?

Aug 28, 2018 in Criminal Defense

When you are facing criminal charges, there are many ways you can go about finding a criminal defense lawyer. You may hire an attorney based on a friend or family member’s recommendation. That person may have had a great experience with that attorney. But you…

California May End the Felony Murder Rule

Aug 08, 2018 in Criminal Defense

California has numerous harsh laws that have come under recent scrutiny, including three strikes and the felony murder rule. Under the felony murder rule, you can be charged with murder if you are involved in the commission of a California felony and someone, anyone, dies…

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