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Why Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Wonder whether you need to hire a criminal defense lawyer?

If you’re facing criminal charges, the answer is yes.

Unfortunately, cases handled by those who are unfamiliar with the criminal justice system have an increased risk of conviction and increased penalties. Michael McKneely, Criminal Defense Lawyer has more than a decade of experience trying criminal cases. Attorney Michael McKneely is aware of the devastating consequences that criminal convictions cause, and he will help you avoid serious penalties.

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The Right Lawyer Will Impact Your Outcome

While many defendants are entitled to a court appointed attorney, a private attorney can provide the time and attention necessary to achieve better than average results. Public defenders in our area are severely overworked and have overwhelming caseloads. They do not have the time that the American Bar Association and others suggest an attorney dedicate to each case. Private attorneys, like Mike McKneely, on the other hand, handle fewer cases at one time. This allows them ample time to work with you and investigate the case to ensure the best outcome in your situation.

If you are currently working with a public defender that does not have the time to meet with you and your family, Michael McKneely, Criminal Defense Lawyer can take over your case to work for better results.

Advantages of Hiring Michael McKneely, Criminal Defense Lawyer

Mike McKneely Cares About Your Case
One benefit of choosing Michael McKneely, Criminal Defense Lawyer over other attorneys is the fact that criminal defense attorney Mike McKneely is wholly dedicated to your situation. Rather than seeing your case as another case on his load, he will spend as much time as it takes to develop your defense strategy and fight for you in court. Not only will Mike implement a specific strategy for your case, he also goes to great lengths to ensure that your side of the story is heard and a fair verdict reached.

Mike McKneely Leaves No Stone Unturned
Michael McKneely, Criminal Defense Lawyer takes the time to gather all of the facts so that both sides of the story are heard in court. The fine points of an incident can easily be overlooked by overworked and under experienced lawyers. Attention to detail is one of Mike’s anchors, and it has served his clients well for years.

Mike McKneely understands that having the advantage is essential. He is dedicated to knowing more about your case than the prosecution. Mike will present the favorable facts to your advantage so that judge and jury see the situation for what it really is.

Mike McKneely Understands the Process
Since Michael McKneely, Criminal Defense Lawyer limits its practice to criminal defense in Fresno and surrounding areas, attorney Mike McKneely understands the intricacies of these cases and the players involved. This allows Mike to handle each case appropriately and according to the circumstances surrounding it.

He may, for example, be able to intervene early in the process to impact an investigation before charges are brought. He can negotiate a true plea bargain in the correct situation. He knows that certain types of evidence are more persuasive in certain cases. Having this familiarity with the criminal court system allows Mike to determine which defense methods should be used and which outcomes are achievable under the circumstances.

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