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Fitbit Data To Be Used in Murder Trial

May 15, 2017 in Criminal Defense

Law enforcement is increasingly using technology to help solve various types of crimes. One aspect of the use of technology in criminal investigations involves digital data, and in particular, data recovered from mobile devices. Digital evidence which may be captured from sophisticated electronic media devices…

Changes in Sex Crime Sentencing in California After Brock Turner

Apr 28, 2017 in Sex Crimes

In 2016, a sexual assault case at Stanford University garnered nationwide attention. Brock Turner, a 21-year-old student, was sentenced to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious 23-year-old woman. He was released after serving three months. The victim in the case wrote a…

Racial and Bias-Based Profiling in Fresno

Apr 26, 2017 in Criminal Defense

Racial profiling is a practice that has gotten a lot of negative attention in the past few years. Unfortunately, this practice is still quite common as police officers focus on certain groups of people who they think appear to be criminals even though there is…

How to Choose a Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney

Mar 31, 2017 in Criminal Defense

If you are accused of a crime, there is a lot more at stake than your reputation. Many crimes, such as assault, theft, and various drug charges, carry heavy fines and years behind bars. When your case is brought to trial, you will have the…

Do I Have to Provide Evidence Against Myself in a Criminal Case?

Mar 17, 2017 in Criminal Defense

The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides citizens with a number of important rights regarding criminal prosecution. Among the most important and most famous is the protection against self-incrimination. A long history of court decisions has established the basic parameters for evidence protected…

Defending Against Cyber Crime Charges in California

Feb 28, 2017 in Criminal Defense

The Internet is a remarkable place for information, socializing, and business, but it is also increasingly dangerous. Individuals who are not careful can be taken advantage of or lured into risky situations. That is why California takes finding, prosecuting, and punishing cyber criminals very seriously….

Site Design Information

Feb 26, 2017 in Site Design

I’ve been running my own law practice since 2007 and tried my hand at building a website for myself in 2011. My site was very basic — rarely updated, it was more of a brochure for my firm. Unfortunately, you had to actually search my…

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