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A sex crime accusation can devastate every aspect of your life. Fresno sex crimes attorney Michael McKneely is the strong defender you need, who understands your side of the story.

If you have been accused of a sex offense, you need to hire an experienced Fresno criminal attorney right away. Mere allegations of sexual misconduct can impact your life. You closest family members and friends may question you. Your coworkers may no longer want to associate with you. That is why you must go on the defensive immediately.

Attorney Michael McKneely will protect your rights throughout a criminal investigation, ensuring you do not accidentally incriminate yourself or get tricked into giving a false confession. To learn more about how Michael McKneely, Criminal Defense Lawyer can help you, call (559) 443-7442 or use the online form to schedule an appointment with a Fresno sex crimes attorney.

Fresno Sex Crimes Attorney

Sex Crimes Investigations

Being a person of interest in a sex crime investigation is intimidating. The police will begin by gathering basic information regarding your alleged sex offense. Next, they will dive deeper into gathering evidence of the crime, including the outcome of a rape kit, samples of bodily fluids, photos, videos, and more. They will interview people who may know something about the crime. In addition to interviews with the alleged victim, witnesses, and others, further examination of the evidence will help the police will determine one or more suspects. From here, they may interview the suspects multiple times before making an arrest, or before the prosecutor convenes a grand jury.

If law enforcement contacts you about a sex offense, you should call Michael McKneely, Criminal Defense Lawyer. The police do not have to be honest with you, and they do not have your best interests in mind. They are looking for a suspect to charge with a crime. Any time you speak with the police, every word you say is reviewed. The best way to avoid incriminating yourself with law enforcement is to have a lawyer by your side during any interviews. By having a Fresno sex crimes attorney represent you throughout a criminal investigation, you reduce the chance of saying or doing anything that implicates you in the alleged offense.

California Sex Crimes Charges

You can be charged with any number of sex offenses in California. Specific statutes of the California Penal Code (PC) prohibit a wide range of non-consensual sexual conduct. At Michael McKneely, Criminal Defense Lawyer, we are prepared to defend you whatever the charges, whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a felony. Some of the sex crimes we see include

    • Rape (PC §261)
      You can be charged with rape if you perform sexual intercourse on another person without their consent, through the use of force or threats, while the victim is unconscious, and when the victim is incapable of providing consent. If you are accused of performing a non-consensual sex act on another person, then you will be charged with a felony. You face years in prison and if one or more aggravating factors is present. If said factors are present, then you may face decades in prison.
    • Sexual Assault & Battery (PC §243.4)
      If you are accused of touching another person in sexually without consent for the purpose of abuse, gratification, or arousal, then you can be charged with sexual battery. This includes touching another person’s genitals, groin, anus, buttocks, or female breasts, or forcing the other person to touch yours. Sexual battery is a wobbler in California, means you face either misdemeanor or felony charges depending on the circumstances of your case.
    • Child Sex Abuse
      The age of consent in California is 18 years old. If you allegedly had sexual contact with a minor 17 years or younger, then you may be charged with a crime. A number of California sex offenses encompass child sex abuse, including rape, sexual battery, continuous sexual abuse of a child, lewd or lascivious acts with a child (also known as child molestation), and aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14 years.
    • Child Pornography (PC §311)
      It is illegal for you to possess, create, or transmit any obscene matter that depicts minors engaging in sexual conduct. Child pornography is taken very seriously in California, and law enforcement agencies have a number of methods to track down individuals who upload or download child pornography on the internet. When you face accusations related to child pornography, the best thing to do is contact a Fresno sex crimes attorney.
    • Prostitution & Solicitation (PC §647(b))
      Under California law, it is illegal to participate in prostitution, either as the individual offering sexual conduct in exchange for money, or as the individual offering to purchase sexual conduct. The police will charge you with prostitution or solicitation as soon as they can, and many law enforcement agencies conduct online stings to try and catch people.
    • Indecent Exposure (PC §314)
      California law makes it illegal for you to willfully and lewdly expose your private parts in public, or anywhere other people are present and may be offended by your actions. You can be arrested and charged with a crime for mooning someone, streaking at a football game, or urinating in public.

Having an experienced attorney counts in the courtroom. Mike McKneely will be with you every step of the way.

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Sex Offense Penalties

Some sex offenses in California are misdemeanors. If convicted, you may be punished with up to a period of time in jail, and fines reaching thousands of dollars. You may also have to complete probation, home confinement, electronic monitoring, community service, counseling, and treatment.

For basic felonies in California, you may face a prison sentence and fines, both of which are determined by the nature and specific details of your offense. Many felony sex offenses call for harsher punishments. If aggravating circumstances are present, then you may face additional years or decades of incarceration.

To learn the penalty you face for a particular sex crime charge, contact a Fresno sex crimes attorney at Michael McKneely, Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Sex Offender Registration

One of the most serious penalties associated with a sex crime conviction is sex offender registration. If you are convicted as a sex offender, then you may be required to register for 10 years, 20 years, or life. During this time, your name, address, photo, crime, and other personal information will be available to the public. Your conviction will come up on background checks. You also may have to admit to your conviction on applications for school, employment, rental housing, loans, and more. This penalty can lead to a great deal of stigma and hold you back in life, which is why it is essential to aggressively fight sex crime charges with an experienced lawyer.

If you fail to register as a sex offender, do not accurately provide all relevant information, or you do not properly renew your registration, then you can be charged with a crime. Failure to register is typically a misdemeanor offense. However, depending on the circumstances or if you were previously convicted of a failure to register, then you can be charged with a felony. In either situation, if you are convicted, you can be sent to prison again.

Collateral Consequences of a Sex Crime Conviction

If you are convicted of a sex crime, you must prepare for the many secondary consequences you will experience. You may have a difficult time continuing your education. Even if you are admitted to a program, you may have trouble financing it because of being denied private loans, scholarships, and grants. Despite crossing these hurdles and gaining an education, you may be ineligible for certain professional licenses.

Outside of your education and career, there are other collateral consequences you will face. A criminal record could impact your immigration status. You may not be able to renew your visa, become a permanent resident, or become a citizen. If you are undocumented, you could be deported.

A criminal record may cause you to lose child custody or visitation. If the victim of a sex offense was a minor, you may not be allowed to live with your own children or other young family members. You may not be allowed to see your own children without supervision.

Sex Crime Defenses

Fresno sex crimes attorney Michael McKneely has defended individuals accused of sex crimes for more than a decade. He is ready to review every detail of your case to determine the strongest defense strategy, which may include fighting for the charges to be reduced or dismissed or preparing your defense for at trial.

Some possible defenses include:

  • False allegations
  • Mistaken identity
  • Consent
  • Insufficient evidence

To avoid the harsh penalties of failing to register, call a Fresno sex crimes attorney from Michael McKneely, Criminal Defense Lawyer right away.

Let a Fresno Sex Crimes Attorney Help You

If you are being investigated for a sex crime or have been charged with one, contact an attorney as soon as possible. This is a situation you need to address quickly to improve your chances of obtaining the best possible outcome. Attorney Michael McKneely has the knowledge, experience, and skills you need to protect you during an investigation and fight these charges.

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