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“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike for the better part of a decade.”

He has a commanding presence in the court room and when he talks, people listen, which is key to being an effective spokesperson. He’s a former district attorney and a veteran trial attorney. He is a strong and tough advocate for his client’s. His experience speaks for itself, he’s one of the best defense attorney’s in town.”
Michael M., Google Review

“First, I am a proactive regular rule following member of society, but I also have anxiety.”

When I got arrested and found out there would be legal action I was an anxious mess. I actively, relentlessly searched for a way to resolve this issue myself. I’m an intelligent person but after weeks of gaining no ground with countless phone calls and research I realized that I could not speak the foreign language that is the law.

I began my search for a reputable lawyer that wouldn’t break my bank. (Single mom of 2) When I was referred to Mike by a coworker, I immediately made an appointment to meet with him. I hired him that day! He was such a bright spot in all the darkness of the situation. His knowledge and experience was immediately apparent in all the information he gave and resources he suggested. It was a long process for both of us with a lot of postponements and unknowns. We encountered resistance from the arresting agency regarding evidence that he handled with grace.

Mike has such a friendly hopeful personality that never once made me wary of the direction my case was headed. With all his hard work and use of all of the resources at his fingertips, he managed to keep my license and get my charge greatly reduced, and even then he pressed on to maximize my benefit! My ticket price was cut in half! All of my anxiety fell away when I hired Mike! Had I continued to try to handle my case alone, it would have been a long year of confusion, penalties, and manipulation that would have ultimately led to the conviction of the arresting charge.

I would greatly suggest anyone in similar situations hire Mike. I work in a hospital with countless professionals crossing my path everyday, it’s a breath of fresh air to meet a professional in a gruesome workforce that handles his job with such pleasantness. It’s always great to encounter someone who is not only great at what they do but are compelled through the crap to keep a smile. Thanks again Mike!”
Katrina, Avvo

“Michael McKneely is an excellent attorney.”

I have used him for two matters and he was very professional and reasonable in terms of his fees. I have referred him to friends, clients and family.”

Sal, Yelp

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