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High School Reunion Battery Charged Reduced

Mar 06, 2017 by Mike McKneely in Assault, Criminal Defense

Not long ago, a local business owner from the valley became involved in a tough, but easily relatable situation after a physical altercation during his high school reunion resulted in very serious criminal charges. Once the dust settled, the man found himself charged with battery involving great bodily injury, which is a strike offense in California and can result in substantial time behind bars. Obviously, the man was frightened of what this could mean to his life and career, so he contacted an attorney for advice; however, he was told the best he could hope for was a three-year prison sentence. Obviously dismayed and with such a staggering penalty looming, the man sought out another Fresno criminal defense attorney with hopes of finding a less severe outcome.

This led him to Michael McKneely, Criminal Defense Lawyer, where attorney Michael McKneely began a tenacious defense on his client’s behalf. This involved preparing for a preliminary hearing and conducting an independent investigation regarding the alleged victim’s past and his involvement in the incident. After collecting evidence and presenting it to the court, attorney McKneely successfully negotiated for a much more appropriate plea agreement. Rather than serving time in prison for a felony strike offense, he resolved the case for a misdemeanor charge and a period of informal and non-reporting probation.

Furthermore, once his probation is completed, the client can petition to have the misdemeanor dismissed and his entire plea agreement withdrawn from his criminal record. By obtaining an experienced and dedicated criminal defense lawyer, he could now easily move on with his life without permanent harm being done.

The outcome of an individual case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case.

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