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Pictures of Accused Being Posted to Fresno Police Department Social Media

Nov 29, 2017 by Mike McKneely in Criminal Defense

If you are arrested in Fresno, you need to be prepared for negative consequences to affect your life immediately. It does not matter whether you have been charged with a crime, or that you are innocent until proven guilty. The Fresno Police Department may put your mug shot up on Facebook and other social media platforms. Your picture may be posted online for all the world to see, making you seem like a criminal long before a trial. This can cause you a great deal of embarrassment and very real consequences, such as questions from your boss or school, and custody issues with your children’s other parent.

If you recently had your photo published by the Fresno Police Department, contact an experienced Fresno criminal defense attorney from Michael McKneely, Criminal Defense Lawyer. Mike McKneely is here to protect your rights, defend you against criminal charges, and help you address the difficult consequences of having your photo circulated on the Internet.

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Posted Photos Can Have Devastating Effects

The Fresno police are not the first department in the country to automatically post booking photos online. In fact, it has become standard practice for departments across the country. They state the intent is to keep the public informed, and to gain information regarding individuals with warrants out for their arrest.

However, the photos are incredibly controversial. The public often sees these individuals as criminals, yet many of the photos that police departments post are of people who have not yet been charged with an offense. Many of these individuals may also never be convicted of a crime. These individuals are publically embarrassed when they may have done nothing wrong.

Is This Legal?

It is legal for police departments to post booking photos, also called mug shots, online. These photos are part of the public record and can be obtained and viewed by almost anyone.

The legality of the practice does not mean it isn’t concerning. Many attorneys and organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) feel this practice is an invasion of people’s privacy.

“We’re uncomfortable with law enforcement using shame tactics before people receive due process in a court of law,” said Ms. Lee Rowland, a staff lawyer with the ACLU, in an article for The New York Times. “It’s flatly inappropriate.”

Some police departments have begun to agree. The South Burlington Police Department in Vermont decided to end the practice in June 2015. As reported by the Associated Press, Color of Change – a racial justice organization – was able to get the Philadelphia police to stop posting photos to its Special Operations Facebook profile.

Ask for the Photo to be Taken Down

It may be possible for the photo to be taken down, but you will need to work with an experienced and aggressive Fresno criminal defense attorney. There is no guarantee the police will respond to a request for a photo to be removed from their social media profiles. However, it does not hurt to consult with your attorney about the matter and see if it can happen. You may have to wait for a period of time before making this request, since you could have a stronger leg to stand on if you are not charged with a crime or if you are acquitted at trial.

Let a Fresno Criminal Defense Lawyer Help You

If you had an encounter with the police that led to criminal charges or your photo being published online, contact Michael McKneely, Criminal Defense Lawyer right away. By hiring an experienced and tenacious defense attorney, you gain someone who prioritizes your needs. Attorney Mike McKneely will defend your constitutional rights and explain your legal options. Whatever you choose to do, he will guide you through the process and fight for the best possible outcome in your case.

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