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Early Parole for Inmates Under California’s Proposition 57

Jan 23, 2017 by Mike McKneely in Criminal Defense

Across the United States, jails and prisons are severely overcrowded. California is no exception. In fact, the Supreme Court affirmed decision mandating the state to reduce its prison overcrowding. In an attempt to alleviate this burden, Proposition 47 was passed in 2014, which reduced some felony crimes to misdemeanors. In essence, this commuted thousands of prisoners’ sentences and immediately reduced the prison population in California. In this vein, Proposition 57 aims to achieve an even greater impact by granting prisoners early parole.

Fresno criminal defense attorney Michael McKneely understands how difficult being held back by your past can be. With lost career opportunities and stifled educational plans, being in prison has likely wreaked havoc on your life. With the passing of proposition 57, you may now have a chance to be released earlier than expected. At McKneely Law, we will guide you through every step of the legal process, ensuring you understand all of your options.

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The Reason for This Measure

While prison overcrowding is an issue all across the country, it is especially pronounced in California. In 2011, the United States Supreme Court affirmed a ruling that ordered the state to reduce its prison population by whatever means necessary. The court found that this overcrowding violated the eighth amendment and that is where Proposition 47 came in. It changed the status of certain crimes, allowing those who had been convicted of felonies to serve sentences that corresponded with misdemeanors. Proposition 57 is similar in its goal and it’s estimated that after the measure passed on November 8th, over 7,000 prisoners immediately became eligible for parole.

What Does the Measure Do?

Overall, the purpose of Proposition 57 is to increase the chance of being released on parole for felons, convicted of non-violent crimes. To qualify, a prisoner must have served the full underlying sentence for their main offense and been labeled safe for the public. Proposition 57 also allows prisoners to earn additional credits for good behavior, academic accomplishments, and other major achievements. These credits can be used to take time off of their sentence, further contributing to the decrease in California’s prison population. According to early estimates, over 25,000 nonviolent inmates have already qualified for early release as a result of this proposition.

In addition to providing felons with a way to get out of prison early, Proposition 57 also acts to save California some much-needed funding. With a significantly reduced prison population, it is likely that the measure will save tens of millions of dollar each year.

Let McKneely Law Help Reclaim Your Freedom

Through Proposition 57, tens of thousands of prisoners now have the chance to be released early. While this measure will provide salvation for many, the legal processes can be complicated. If you want the best possible chance of being released early, it is best to have the help of an experienced lawyer. At McKneely Law, our Fresno criminal defense attorney has fought on both sides of the courtroom and by utilizing his extensive legal background, attorney McKneely has the knowledge and resources necessary if you want to be released as early as possible.

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