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Clovis Criminal Defense Lawyer

Are you facing criminal charges in Clovis? If so, you need to secure aggressive and experienced legal representation as soon as possible. By failing to do so, you can face serious consequences such as a criminal record, hefty fines, the loss of a professional license, and jail time.

A Clovis criminal defense attorney from Michael McKneely, Criminal Defense Lawyer can design a strong defense strategy that can help you overcome the prosecutor’s strengths while taking advantage of their weaknesses. We have years of experiencing battling the Clovis Police Department and the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office. You can count on our firm to fight tirelessly on your behalf so that you can have the best chance for a dismissal or an acquittal.

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Drug Crimes in Clovis

In the state of California, drug crimes are a serious matter that can make it tough for someone to find a job, rent a property, keep their professional license, or become a U.S. citizen. They include drug possession, possession for sale or distribution, drug manufacturing, and drug trafficking.

If you have arrested for a drug crime, you need a Clovis criminal defense lawyer by your side. He or she will thoroughly investigate your case, test the evidence that’s being used against you, and look for illegal search and seizure as well as other details that may make it possible to have your charges eliminated or drastically reduced.

Sex Crimes in Clovis

Those convicted of a sex crime in California will likely suffer from a damaged personal and professional reputation, a record as a sex offender, substantial fines, and other penalties that can affect their overall quality of life and future. If you are facing a sex crime in Clovis, you must speak to a central California criminal attorney immediately.

Whether you’ve been charged with child molestation, child pornography, statutory rape, sexual battery, public lewdness, sex with a minor, an internet sex crime, or any other sex-related offense, a central California criminal attorney from Michael McKneely, Criminal Defense Lawyer can design a persuasive defense strategy that has the best chance for success.

Theft Crimes in Clovis

Taking someone else’s property without consent is known as theft. Theft crimes include identity theft, credit card theft, burglary, robbery, shoplifting, embezzlement, and larceny. They are broken down into two categories: petty theft and grand theft.

Petty theft is typically a misdemeanor that relates to stealing property that has a value of $950 or less. Grand theft is far more severe, considered a felony, and involves stealing a motor vehicle or property valued greater than $950. It can lead to a year in jail and a hefty fine. In the event that a weapon or firearm was used in the crime, an offender may have to spend many more years in prison.

If you’ve been charged with a theft crime, a Clovis criminal defense lawyer can be an invaluable resource. He or she can negotiate with prosecutors, file motions, and determine how to argue your case effectively to convince the prosecutor or judge that your charges should be reduced or dismissed altogether.

Consult a Clovis Criminal Defense Lawyer for Aggressive Legal Representation

It can be overwhelming to deal with a drug crime, sexual offense, theft, or any other criminal charge on your own. Therefore, reach out to central California criminal defense attorney, Mike McKneely today.

Attorney McKneely has the skills, years of experience, and the resources necessary to professionally handle your legal issue and provide some peace of mind. He has been defending people in Clovis for years. Call us today at (559) 443-7442 or online for your free consultation. You’ll have the opportunity to speak directly to Mike McKneely so that you can understand your options and decide whether you’d like him to fight on your behalf.

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