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Criminal Defense

Possible Life Sentence Reduced to Eight Years In Fresno

Aug 11, 2017 in Criminal Defense

Recently, a man from Kingsburg, California was charged with several serious criminal charges and contacted Fresno criminal defense lawyer Michael McKneely for help with his case. In Fresno Superior Court, attorney McKneely represented the 33 year-old, who had been previously been identified as a gang…

DNA Evidence Can Be Wrong

Jul 31, 2017 in Criminal Defense

The use of DNA testing has undoubtedly revolutionized how criminal cases are investigated and prosecuted. Widely regarded as irrefutable evidence, traces of your genetic information can connect you to a criminal investigation, and later convince a jury of your guilt. If your DNA matches blood,…

Defenses Against Conspiracy Charges

Jul 26, 2017 in Criminal Defense

Conspiracy is one of the few offenses you can get charged with when, in a sense, you haven’t actually committed a crime. Even if no one gets hurt, no drugs get sold, or no property gets damaged, you can still face criminal penalties if the…

How Juror Bias Can Affect Criminal Trials

Jul 10, 2017 in Criminal Defense

We all have biases – preferences for one thing or prejudices against another. They are deeply held beliefs about people, groups, and things. They can be about race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and countless other characteristics or factors. In some situations, we have conscious…

Fitbit Data To Be Used in Murder Trial

May 15, 2017 in Criminal Defense

Law enforcement is increasingly using technology to help solve various types of crimes. One aspect of the use of technology in criminal investigations involves digital data, and in particular, data recovered from mobile devices. Digital evidence which may be captured from sophisticated electronic media devices…

Racial and Bias-Based Profiling in Fresno

Apr 26, 2017 in Criminal Defense

Racial profiling is a practice that has gotten a lot of negative attention in the past few years. Unfortunately, this practice is still quite common as police officers focus on certain groups of people who they think appear to be criminals even though there is…