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Criminal Defense


Hate Crime Charges in Cases Where the Victim is LGBTQ

Mar 23, 2018 in Criminal Defense

According to the United States Department of Justice, 931 hate crime incidents occurred in California in 2016. While most of these crimes were directed towards African-Americans, the second most likely target group was gay men, with 152 victims. The vulnerability of the LGBTQ community to…


What Are Proffer Letters or Queen for a Day Agreements?

Mar 16, 2018 in Criminal Defense

When you face federal charges, it is likely that you will hear the terms “proffer letter,” “proffer agreement,” or “queen for a day agreement.” These terms mean the same thing: a written agreement between you and a federal prosecutor under which you provide the government…

Old Drug Cases Reduced to Misdemeanors

Mar 06, 2018 in Criminal Defense, Drug Charges

Drug crimes are taken very seriously in California, even with the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana. Attorney Mike McKneely assisted a client to have two old drug cases – one alleging cultivation of cannabis and another for possession for sale of large quantities of…


New California Laws

Feb 14, 2018 in Criminal Defense, New Laws

With the beginning of each year come new laws, some of which may go into effect January 1st. In 2018, there are a number of laws that impact the criminal justice system that you should be aware of. If you have been arrested or are…


Criminal Charges Arising from Social Media Activities

Jan 17, 2018 in Criminal Defense

The use of social media has exploded over recent years. Much of its use involves keeping in touch with family and friends, sharing pictures and videos, establishing a marketing presence for businesses, providing information on current events, etc. However, social media may also be used…